Third Party Events

Hope’s Garden would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for being chosen as recipient charity for the following events:

Bring It:  May 2, 2015

BRING IT is a  ‘Confidence’ conference for girls in grades 6, 7 and 8. The day offers the opportunity for the participants to discuss problems they have in school, home and social networks. Facilitators will be working with girls in small groups to elicit conversations and questions and to guide the participants to understand their own ability to help themselves, find sources for help and be a positive influence for others.

Bring It, Brought It and donated $5000.00 to Hope’s Garden.  Thank you!!!

Power of the Purse: October 8, 2015

Power of the Purse celebrates women’s earning power, spending power and giving power. The conference is dedicated to building community and encouraging leadership. Presenting a speaker roster of highly successful and accomplished women, we promote personal and professional development.

Tickets available soon!


Thank you to Niki Ellis and the Administrative Marketing Students at Fanshawe College for hosting a yoga retreat in support of Hope’s Garden, raising $290.00!

Are you interested in hosting a third party event on behave of Hope’s Garden? Please contact us today and we can tell you how we can support your event. 519.434.7721.