Support Groups

At Hope’s Garden we offer a safe, supportive, confidential environment where individuals, guided by a facilitator, can share their experiences while receiving peer support, information and coping strategies.

At Hope’s Garden we offer different types of support programming:

  • Educational and skill building groups:
  • Support groups: An open forum for individuals to share their experiences while receiving peer support, information  and coping strategies, guided by a professional facilitator.
  • Social/creative circles: A safe environment where individuals can be empowered to find their voice and develop tools for  coping through different expressive formats such as: knitting, meditation and yoga.

Educational and Skill Building Groups

Expressive Arts
The aim of group art therapy is to effect change and growth on a personal level through the use of various art materials in a safe and facilitating environment. The fundamental purpose of art therapy is to focus on healing by means of reducing stress and anxiety while building self-esteem and finding new ways of communicating through the non -verbal process of art creation. This is a closed group, must register, 8 participant maximum.  Call 519.434.7721

Group Leaders: Stephanie Gould, DTATI
Date and Time: Tuesdays, January 13, from 6:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Hope’s Garden

Bloom Where you are Planted
The focus of this group is mindfulness and learning how to take better care of our “selves”.  Through a variety of activities, individuals will learn to develop a sense of purpose and find meaning in recognizing and celebrating who and all they are and all they have to offer. This is a closed that you must register for. This is a closed 8 week group.

Facilitator: Linda Carmichael, BSW, RSW
Date and Time: Wednesdays, Starting February 4, 1:30pm-3:00pm
Location: Hope’s Garden

Expanding your Connection
Learn the theories and principles of yoga while exploring chair yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.
This is a closed 8 week group; please contact Hope’s Garden to register.

Instructors: Thandi van Wulven~Certified Integrative Yoga Instructor
Date and Time: Thursdays, Starting January 15, 12:15pm-1:15pm.
Location: Hope’s Garden and possibly Shangrila, 111 Mount Pleasant Ave (rear),

Creative Writing Group
Learn new skills and inventive creative writing techniques through a variety of group and individual activities, including short stories, poetry, songs and letters. Develop the ability to express through creative writing as a tool to express difficulties, struggles and growth.

Facilitator: Taylor Burciul, Fanshawe College Social Service Worker Student
Date and Time: Fridays, Starting February 6, 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location: Hope’s Garden
This is a closed group; please contact Hope’s Garden to register.


Family & Friends Support Group
An ongoing open support group for parents, spouses, other family members and friends involved with loved ones struggling with disordered eating. Eating disorders do not only affect the person struggling, but also their loved ones. Come gain insight into eating disorders and what your loved one is going through, as well as getting support for yourself.
This is an open group therefore you do not need to register.

Facilitator: Sharon Zister, MSW, RSW
Date and Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month ~ 6:30pm-8:00pm
Location: Hope’s Garden

Challenging ED Support Group
This group is open to anyone 18+ who is interested in recovering from an eating disorder. Those who attend Challenging ED are looking for freedom from a life of inner conflict and obsession with food and body image. This group will help participants work towards replacing self-criticism with self-acceptance. Participants will learn tools to help them create a positive, healing relationship with food and with their bodies. Participants may not always feel completely confident in keeping from disordered thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors with food, but are committed to trying. This group talks openly about the behaviors and sizes being left behind, and is not always comfortable for those who are still deeply involved with their eating disorder. This is an open group therefore you do not need to register.

Facilitator: Trishna Wedemire, MSW, RSW
Date and time: Every Thursday ~ 6:30pm-8:00pm
Location: Hope’s Garden


Peer Knitting Circle
Knitting can be used as a tool to help reduce anxiety and stress by calming and clearing the mind. Join us for this open group and learn how to knit in a safe, confidential, relaxed environment. Build new friendships and support.
Date and Time: Every Tuesday, 1:00pm-2:30pm
This is an open group, no registration required. Some needles and yarn provided.

There are no fees for support at Hope’s Garden.

Treatment Groups vs. Support Groups

Hope’s Garden is not a treatment facility and thus is non-clinical in nature. Click here for our view on what differentiates support groups from treatment groups.