Staff and Board of Directors

Hope’s Garden Staff
Executive Director-Natasha Newby
Fanshawe College Social Service Worker Practicum Students-          Cara Lyall, Bianca Peluso                                                                       BSW King’s College Student- Kassandra Royer

Getting Grounded-Linda Carmichael
Art Therapy-Stephanie Gould
Friends and Family-Shelagh Moore-Jaworski
Branching Out-Laura Dirk

Board of Directors
Board Chair-Barb Aharan
Vice Chair-Shawna Cunningham
Treasurer-Amanda Eagan
Interim Secretary-Nadine Russell and Danielle Lanoue

Directors at Large:                                                                                                              Jacqui Freckelton
Samantha Elliot
Erin Buchner                                                                                       Shirley Empringham