Hope’s Garden provides support and resources to those struggling with and affected by eating disorders. Eating Disorders are often a coping mechanism to deep and complex emotions of                      ineffectiveness, negative body image and low self-worth. They can be fatal, robbing an individual of their physical health, emotional wellness and happiness in relationships.  Our programs help       individuals explore feelings and behaviors while helping to          encourage healthy attitudes towards self-image and lifestyle.

To Inspire Hope

Voice, Hope, Awareness
At Hope’s Garden we are committed to supporting individuals in finding their voice, inspiring hope and providing education to    increase community awareness, dispelling stigma and driving change.


  • To provides a safe, confidential, judgement free environment for those living along the continuum of disordered eating from         negative body image to eating disorders to find hope and grow within.
  • To foster a community that celebrates all shapes and sizes by       providing tools and information to strengthen self-esteem and confidence.
  • To increase an understanding of the impact of eating disorders, dispelling the myths, reducing stigma and barriers to support.
  • To inspire hope for recovery by providing tools for coping and helping individuals identify outside their eating disorder. This hope may be in the form of individual support, group support,    educational outreach, referrals and advocacy, as well as, an onsite library.


We embrace empathy and seek to provide a compassionate and healing environment that inspires individuals along their              recovery journey.

We are sensitive to diverse needs and respond by providing timely and accurate information and professional support services.

We are committed to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

We recognize and celebrate successes, learn from valuable failures, and embrace responsibility in each decision, so that we can achieve the best possible outcome.

We provide support and tools that encourage members to          embrace their voices, take initiative, and be confident in their abilities and decisions so that a healthy mindset can be achieved.

We believe it is important to strengthen our community through increased awareness, dispelling the myths of eating disorders,         reducing stigma and encouraging others to add their voice in the campaign against eating disorders.

We are committed to pursuing partnerships and collaborative      initiatives so that we can provide enhanced access to resources and quality services and supports to those living along the             continuum of disordered eating.

We strive to promote awareness in a non-biased, non-judgemental way through education and partnerships. Through increased awareness, we are building stronger communities that celebrate individuals of any shape and size.